Dubai – the tourist trap

Forget all about seven stars hotels, the worlds tallest hotel, human made islands and hotel under water. The biggest attraction of Dubai is their abillity to get to the top of all tourist’s Most Wanted list.

This little fishing village has managed to build up tourisme to an industrial scale, overpowering everything else in the region.

There are way better beaches, more historical lokations, more authentic experiences – but we never hear about them.

This well-greased PR machine stamps ahead, totally ignoring the facts that Dubai is only a part of United Emirates of Arabia, only the second biggest city (after Abu Dhabi), and that the neighbouring countries are Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq.

They realised a long time ago, that their wealth in oil wouldn’t last for ever and invested a lot of the incoming cash in a booming tourist industry.

The common tourist may watch out for the tourist traps in markets, there for the sole purpose of drawing money out of the pockets of foreigners – but is blinded by the bigger picture, that: Dubai itself is a giant tourist trap.

That being said, there is no other place, where you can experience so many things in such a short time, Dubai has it all. And if it isn’t there yet, it is just in the final stages of a building proces…

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