As a loving couple on a trip to Dubai, you must be very careful, as to how and where you show signs of affection. Kissing is NOT allowed in public.

You also have to be careful with drinking alcohol as well.  Alcohol is generally banned in many Muslim countries, but in spite of it this, you can still be served fine wine and spirits in some hotels and restaurants.

The signs of Dubai taking a more western approach to tourisme is seen in the streets and in newly build attractions. Yet it is still a Muslim country and the focus of legislation is based on the Koran – just as most laws in many western countries are based on the laws and regulations in the Bible.

That is why you in many countries in the Middle East – including Dubai – can be convicted of drinking alcohol at a restaurant without permit – or for kissing in a public space.

As recently as April 2010, a British couple lost an appeal in which they were accused of having kissed each other, and therefore was sentenced to a month’s imprisonment.  They have accepted the judgment about drinking alcohol and this has been fined more than $ 200.

So be very careful about how you behave in public places in Dubai – it is NOT a western city, although it may sometime feel like it is.